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Regenerate Soils and Stop Desertification
At Sierra Preta, we turn problems into solutions. We process agricultural waste to produce high-quality BioChar to increase the sustainability and resilience of local farmland ecosystems.

We focus on developing decentralized and community-driven pyrolysis processes to create maximum environmental and social value locally. We are rooted to our local environment, and aim to regenerate Andalusian soils, working towards climate change mitigation and adaptation by stopping the progression of the desert in Southern Spain.
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Our Solution

Pyrolysis is a high temperature process using as little amount of oxygen as possible. This process leads to a highly stable carbon product, called BioChar with a long lasting capability of capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere. 

BioChar can then be used for various applications such as soil amendment and water filtration.

We currently focus on scaling the development of distributed and mobile units for our project to yield maximum social and environmental value to local small-scale farmers.

BioChar production can also generate multiple co-product such as energy production, bringing us one step further to a regenerative society.


Every year we are experiencing stronger effects of climate change, and these are ever so troubling in the dry region that is Andalusia.

Starting with our valley, we want to contribute in the reconstruction of a diverse and resilient ecosystem which will be able to mitigate the effect of climate change by reducing further emissions and even begin to reverse it by removing carbon dioxide from the air.

 In the meantime, BioChar fosters adaptation to climate change by restoring soil health, biodiversity, nutrient and water retention. Therefore serving as the perfect tool to reduce both the impact and the frequency of droughts in the region. 

Studies have shown that a healthy and diverse system is able to help us with this challenge. The goal is to develop a local strategy. Thinking globally and acting locally!


 Social Ecological Collective

Our Fundamental principles are not only activities for the environment, open and free access to technology but also social values are extremely important for the way we operate. Our activities have to stand on a social sustainable foundation.

Volunteering is important, but it is also important that people can live off the work they are investing in projects. For this reason we are planning part of our budget into wage and work. We are a collective and for that we are convinced that equal pay is very important. The following criteria will be integrated in the planning of our budget.

  • work will be distributed in an equal hourly rate.
  • work decisions will be made democratically and in consent.

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We Are Committed To Protecting And Enhancing Our Environment

Community Focused

Environmental Protection

Ecosystem Regeneration

What We Offer ?

- Community Orientated platform for information and exchange
- Scientific and educational platform for information and exchange
- Events for workshops and presentations
- Interface to carbon credits financing
- Platform for hardware and tool supply

Why BioChar?

Eco System Restoration
BioChar can aid in ecological restoration efforts by improving soil quality in degraded or disturbed landscapes, promoting vegetation establishment.
Climate Change Mitigation
As BioChar sequesters carbon in soils and reduces emissions from organic waste, it can play a role in mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.
Research and Innovation
Ongoing research explores new applications for BioChar. BioChar's versatility and beneficial properties make it a promising tool for addressing environmental and agricultural challenges in various domains.
The pyrolysis process used to produce BioChar can also yield bioenergy in the form of bio-oil and syngas. This can contribute to the renewable energy sector.
Sierra Preta is in Collaboration with
C-GO - Team BioChar
The New Global Community for Biochar

CGo® is a modular system that enables small- and mid-scale distributed BioChar Producers to be recognised and rewarded for making positive contributions to global climate mitigation.

Click here to explore their forum - Knowledge center for BioChar Producers

Las Alpujarras
Empower people around the topic technology.

The Open Ecologic Laboratory is a non-commercial project. Creating a local network of technology interested people to make it available for others. To learn, repair, recycle and use technology for our needs.


Recent News

Our vision is finally coming to life.

Through our open-sourced, decentralized and community-driven pyrolysis systems we will empower local farmers and landowners to use their olive wood residues (instead of burning them) and become BioChar producers themselves. They can then return the BioChar to their own land or use our network to sell it and generate additional revenues. Our ultimate goal is to regenerate Andalusian soil, working with reforestation projects and organic farmers towards stopping the progression of the desert in our region.

This crowdfunding campaign will fund the manufacture and installation of our first BioChar kilns in countryside of Órgiva, along with all the material needed for processing wood residues and the BioChar end-product. Please participate or share our crowdfunding page with your friends, family and colleagues!

The UN defined BioChar as a Permanent Solution

The institutional context for the BioChar system is evolving rapidly, with new regulations and initiatives at the EU level supporting its use.

Recent developments in EU policies, such as the European Green Deal and proposed reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy, are creating a more favorable environment for the adoption of the biochar system as a Negative Emissions Technology (NET).

The BioChar system is recognized an exceptional NET due to its ability to offer various public goods, such as soil carbon restoration, water conservation, and climate mitigation, alongside private benefits related to soil improvement.

The establishment of a supportive policy framework and financial incentives can help unlock its full potential in addressing climate change.

Framers Protest
Burning stubble is prohibited: New waste law triggers unrest in rural Spain

Since the prohibition of burning waste generated in the agricultural environment last April, rural Spain has been in a state of frustration and confusion. The ban, as per the new Law 7/2022 on waste and contaminated soils, restricts the burning of traditional stubble in rural areas, allowing it only for phytosanitary reasons or to prevent forest fires. Recently, there was approval for a relaxation of this law, but its implications remain unclear.

This reform is set to take effect at the end of the year, and the Ministry of Ecological Transition suggests it won't bring significant changes. In the midst of pruning and burning season, farmers are urging administrations to expedite the issuance of permits for their customary burnings to prevent pests, forest fires, and crop losses.