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Making of our Prototype Kiln – COMING SOON!
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Making of our Prototype Kiln – COMING SOON!
We have been discussing, researching and sourcing materials to build our first prototype kiln. Our first step in making our vision a reality. This kiln will be used for our first trial runs, experimenting to find the best ecology and sustainable way to make Biochar.

Phase 1

Use of a prototype kiln (Kiln 1) built using reused metal from a local steel workshop in order to make biochar out of wood residues left from previous seasons. The amount of biomass available will be limited (less that 2 tonnes), but the aim at this stage will be to produce biochar for demonstration purposes, in order to have the preliminary results necessary to convince the local council to support our project in initiating phase 2.

The organic material available has been identified as:

  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus sp.) - between 1 and 2 tonnes
  • Nettle tree (Celtis australis) - 300 kg
  • Mulberry tree (Morus sp.) - 200 kg
  • Apricot tree (Prunus sp.) - 50 kg

We are currently working with local landowners to gather more dry feedstock for phase 1.