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A Safer Option for Waste Management
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A Safer Option for Waste Management
We are working with farmers and local land owners to create a safer and more ecofriendly solution to waste management of Organic waste. Reducing the risk of wild fires.


In our region there are many Olive Trees which produce excess organic material during harvest time. This organic material is currently an inconvenience to local farmers and landowners who mostly burn the fresh wood on site, which as a result, is responsible for high air pollution and risks of wildfires in every valley of the region during the pruning season (December to February).


Recently, the regional government has announced it is planning to pass a law prohibiting the burning of pruning residues altogether due to the risk of wildfires being increased with climate change. This will leave local farmers and landowners with fewer opportunities to dispose of the accumulating biomass.

With the use of our kilns to help tackle this issue, we aim to work with farmers and assist them to safely, legally and ethically process their excess organic material. We hope to see less and less wildfires as a result. Not only will we be helping to remove the left over organic materials, we will be creating a positive and useful bi-product.